Who We Are

About Us

The West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group has its beginnings in 1997-1998 as a volunteer group of neighbours who came together to develop some programming for youth. Support and funding was provided by the City of Guelph as the group continued to organize neighbourhood events and family recreation activities.

In 2015 the volunteer leadership team incorporated the Neighbourhood Group as a not for profit Community Development Co-operative.

The West Village Community Development Co-operative believes that community development leading to social change happens with engaged neighbours. Our Neighbourhood Group works to engage residents, discover and build community relationships and connections – between people, their environment and the local economy.

Our Vision is an inclusive, engaged and mutually supportive, healthy neighbourhood.

Where We Serve

The West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group serves all residents of our neighbourhood. The City of Guelph defines the neighbourhood boundaries as the Hanlon Expressway, the CP Rail Tracks north of Paisley Road, Speedvale Avenue and the city’s western limits.

Co-op Membership

Membership is voluntary and open to anyone over the age of 16 years of age. Members agree to accept the obligations of membership, will submit an application and purchase a membership.

As a co-operative the democratic decision making rest equally with all the Members. Members attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting held every November. The Board of Directors are elected by the Members to provide leadership, they are responsible for overseeing the Co-op’s activities, policy making, communicating with Members and setting the direction of work and efforts of the staff and volunteers.


Program Participants


Supports Provided




Volunteer Hours


Linda Busuttil

neighbourhood development co-ordinator

Amanda Roberts

Program co-ordinator

Board Members

Donna Bailey


Donna is passionate about helping make our community a better place to live, have fun, and grow. Donna has board governance experience, strategic thinking, and leadership skills that are very valuable to the neighbourhood. Donna is proud of multiple levels of support from the child and youth to the the adults in the neighbourhood. She is also proud of all the community programs that have been in place to bring people together and help the community, like the men’s basketball, and the income tax support.

Crenda King

Vice President

As a long time resident of the West Village neighbourhood she brings an authentic insight into the diverse needs of families, single parents and visible minorities. She is proud to identify opportunities to develop programs to address service gaps. Her strength and skills in customer service, administration and management are an asset to the Neighbourhood Group where she plays a Human Resources leadership role. Crenda is proud of the many programs and services that are offered, that children who do not have opportunities are not left out, and that there is a strong sense of belonging and community.

Stewart Davidson


Stewart is passionate about the friendly and caring people of the neighbourhood, which is shown by the number of volunteers that give time to support one another. Stewart makes payments and secures funding for the Neighbourhood Group. He also connects with people in the community to get to know them and bring back their insights to the board. Stewart is proud of the Neighbourhood Group’s efforts to reach out to people, through surveys, program feedback, and that we work to deliver what the people of the neighbourhood are looking for in a sustainable way.

Mai Miner

board secretary

Mai has an understanding or the social determinants of health, which are the factors that contribute to a person’s health, good or poor. This has been helpful when planning neighbourhood projects ensuring that they have an impact. Mai also brings data analysis, organizational, and food skills. She is passionate about helping the community grow and thrive drawing on grassroots resources and skills. Mai is also proud that the children in the neighbourhood are able to grow up in such a diverse environment, which reflects the real world.

Ralf mesenbrink

Board Director

Ralf is passionate about developing programs and services that are responsive to what the neighbourhood wants to see in the West Village. He is also passionate about the conversation and creativity that goes into problem-solving and sustainable community development. Ralf donates his computer skills, enjoys bringing his building skills and his scientific knowledge to the neighbourhood kids and youth activities. Ralf is proud of the growing neighbour-to-neighbour connections, the growth in volunteer and employment opportunities for youth and adults in the neighbourhood.

IndU Arora

board Director

Born and raised in the West Village Indu is familiar with the area, knows many families, and is deeply committed and passionate about connecting and helping families and fellow neighbours. Indu is proud of the inclusive nature of our neighbourhood, and that we are able to come together whenever anyone needs help. She is very supportive of the Neighbourhood Group’s efforts, the Food and Friends breakfast program, the development of employment opportunities for youth, affordable, safe and fun programming for children and our engaging annual events which connect our neighbours.

Monica Chamberlain

Board Director

Monica is passionate about making the neighbourhood safe, creating opportunities for people to have activities, friendly neighbours helping each other foster community. Monica has knowledge of child development and learning disabilities, she also has experience with government regulations and community service. Monica is proud of living in a community that has a wide diversity in many aspects; backgrounds, ages, skills and knowledge, cultures and traditions, and income. She believes that everyone must live together, work together and play together to have a great community.